Hailey Bieber Begrudgingly Celebrates Skincare Line

“If you're coming out with a brand, you have to talk, mamita.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 15: Hailey Bieber departs Kelly and Ryan show on June 15, 2022 in New York...
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Famous wife Hailey Bieber recently launched a skincare line called Rhode, named after her middle name, which is apparently Rhode. I bring this up not because I assume you don’t know about Rhode — of course, we are all invested in Rhode’s success — but because Bieber has found herself in some hot water (hot micellar water) after a Rhode launch event for friends and beauty influencers. An event during which she was … not excited.

Beauty vlogger and makeup artist Iris Beilin attended the event, and she spoke about her experience in a series of Instagram story videos over the weekend. The event was beautiful, the food was nice, “it was a vibe,” she said.

“But the girl gets there with her friends — Kylie [Jenner], Kendall [Jenner], all of her friends — and they have this corner that only they could be in.” Beilin said they were technically accessible, but that the event’s attendees gave them their space, waiting for the moment in the night when Bieber might address the crowd and take photos with them that they could share on social media to prove they at one pointed shared space with Rhode’s infamous “COE” (Creator of Everything). “We wanna take a picture with you, we want a little content,” Beilin said, “it’s your brand, we want to hear why you’re excited about this brand that you’ve created.”

Unfortunately, the moment for content creation never came. “The girl doesn’t say a word. And when I tell you she said nothing …,” Beilin said. “And listen, I totally understand, probably the girl has anxiety … But if you’re coming out with a brand, you have to talk, mamita.”

Truer words were never spoken. And truer words were never spoken by Hailey Bieber in particular, who, according to Beilin, did not say any words that night at all. Kylie Jenner got up and said something at one point, “and it was so cool to see her show up for [her friend Hailey Bieber],” but Hailey Bieber herself did not.

“We’re all standing around like losers … and it was just very uncomfortable,” Beilin said.

Two Rhodes diverged in a wood. If only Hailey Bieber had taken the Rhode with a beta blocker, or acquired some sort of personality in advance, we might not be in this situation. But unfortunately here we all are, cursed forever with the knowledge that during the Rhode launch event Hailey Bieber only talked to her friends while everybody else stood around like losers.

And that has made all the difference.