Gwoops! Two Men Got S'more Than They Bargained For at the Goop Store (Severe Burns)

Gwyneth has marked herself safe

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Gwoopsie Daisy

Two men were injured when a trick to toast marshmallows for s'mores went awry at a Sag Harbor, New York Goop in-store event on June 25. The men are okay, thanks to the store’s soothing turmeric intensive repair balms and various flame-retardant cashmere pashminas. JK, they’re okay because the store had a fire extinguisher. Gwyneth Paltrow herself remains safe.

As it turns out, adding more lighter fluid to lighter fluid that is already on fire is a bad idea. Those attending this Sag Harbor Goop store event learned this difficult lesson while indulging in the s’mores trick that, according to People, one of the event managers learned from “social media,” which we can only assume means TikTok.

What is this TikTok s’mores trick? Well, there are differing accounts. According to Today the trick was to pour lighter fluid “in” candles. “The two men told police that rubbing alcohol had been placed in some of the candles in the store,” Today reported, “which caused a ‘large explosion and flames.’” But according to People the trick is to pour lighter fluid inside of empty stone candle holders, creating sort of a homemade version of one of those tabletop fire pits. From People:

“Upon arrival, [Sag Harbor Village Chief of Police Austin McGuire] said he was informed that stone candle holders were being filled with rubbing alcohol, and event-goers were using this method to melt marshmallows for s'mores. One of the event managers reportedly had seen this technique used on social media.
However, too much-rubbing alcohol was added to the candle holders before the flames were completely extinguished causing the explosion.”

Whoops. That version seems more likely than the idea that they were pouring rubbing alcohol onto candles, though one has to admit no version sounds particularly wise. "Thankfully there was a fire extinguisher at the location and they were able to extinguish the men," McGuire told People. Yes, thankfully. One of the men was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter, and the other by ambulance.

Please, Goop fans — do not attempt to recreate fire-related hacks you see on TikTok while preparing marshmallows for s’mores inside of a Goop store or anywhere. If you want a s’more, seek out safer means. A Portable Fire Pit & Grill ($265) might do the trick, for example, or a Charred Zelkova Wood Moon Jar ($2900).