Ginuwine Barely Survives Getting His Mind Freaked

A magician never reveals his resuscitation methods

Criss Angel: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Ginuwine: Scott Legato/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
bad magic

MIND FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!! MIND FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember that, from the sexy desert intro of the 2005 levitation goth magick show Criss Angel Mindfreak? Well, you may not know this but Criss Angel is still out there with the same hairstyle, freaking minds — and bodies. He’s even freaked the body of “Pony” songster Ginuwine, who participated in one of his fascinating illusions recently and almost died.

The Daily Mail obtained video of the near-death water stunt from a rehearsal for the CW’s Magic With the Stars, which is what? According to TV Line, Magic With the Stars is this:

“In each episode, two celebrities train with professional magicians and compete to create a show-stopping series of magic performances. The celebrity competitors are tasked with mastering three major categories of magic, which they perform in front of a team of judges led by magician Criss Angel. Only the highest-scoring celebrities will be invited back to the finale where they will compete for the golden wand.”

Okay … that sounds pretty good. If they could do it with just Bravo stars that would be ideal for me. (Right now the stars are, in part: Brec Bassinger, Frankie Muniz, Matt Walsh, Tara Lipinski, Flavor Flav, Debbie Gibson. I wouldn’t watch that but I would watch it with Vicki Gunvalson and Mary Cosby.) The show premieres later this month, and it is now dawning on me that I’m likely participating in the Magic With the Stars publicity cycle. Well. We’ve come this far and I doubt you know how to access the CW on your Roku anyway, so here’s what happened with Ginuwine.

The video shows him submerged underwater in a magical cube, holding his breath, before he starts banging on the sides of the cube to signal that he would like to please get out of the cube immediately. Staffers then pull him out he reportedly loses consciousness. According to a Daily Mail source, he was carried away by paramedics and made a full recovery.

“It all happened so fast, it was like he got tapped out in a fight,” the source said. “In the show he was trying to overcome his fear of being under water as he couldn’t hold his breath for longer than 15 seconds before trying the stunt out. Although he failed in rehearsals, he still went ahead with the stunt on the show and everyone was in tears.”

Okay — first of all now I know I’m participating in publicity, and second of all if he was scared of being under water why’d you make him be under water for his stunt? And on the CW no less! Criss Angel Mind-go fuck yourself, in my opinion.