Getting Ready With Jojo Siwa

Styling one's self in the exact image of Justin Bieber is a simple 30 step process

Juju Bieber

With her defiant new haircut, Jojo Siwa’s going full Justin Bieber. Don’t worry — she’s not started associating with a megalomaniacal Australian bodybuilder who claims to be a direct vessel of god (yet!). In a TikTok tutorial where Jojo lets fans in on her new signature coif, Gawker Person of the Year 2021 announces, “We have successfully turned into Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, maybe even Ellen.”

So how does she accomplish that je ne sais Justin? It’s effortless.

First she oils her hair up like a Christmas ham, combs it forward, combs it back, adds sea salt spray, diffuses it, gives up on diffusing it because she’s just gonna curl it anyway, it doesn’t matter.

I want one

TikTok/ itsjojosiwa

Then she uses a really tiny little curling iron to give her hair supertight, cute curls (everyone thought she got a perm, but nope, she just curls it).

Cuteness unlimited

TikTok/ itsjojosiwa

Then she sprays it with some texture spray, volumizes it, squirt her sides down, makes it happen, set it, and boom.

Maybe even Ellen

TikTok/ Itsjojosiwa

Easy peasy. Commenter Spenser still managed to get it all wrong.

Nope, she’s clearly Jake, Justin, maybe even Ellen.

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