Gawker's Woman of the Week Is... Chaney Jones!

This Women's History Month, we honor (four) women

MIAMI FL - FEBRUARY 26:  Chaney Jones is seen on the beach on February 26, 2022 in Miami, Florida. (...
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Every Friday throughout the month of March (Women’s History Month), Gawker will be awarding the prestigious Woman of the Week (For Just One Month) title to the female who has made the most significant contributions to nubility, fertility, and maidenhood in the past seven days.

For our inaugural award, we honor the Doyenne of Delaware, Chaney Jones.

Maybe you know Jones as the 24-year-old beauty whose waterlines new beau Kanye West is currently rimming with black Wet ‘N’ Wild eyeliner. But I know her primarily as an educator. According to Page Six, Jones “studied elementary education at the University of Delaware and is currently pursuing her master’s in counseling at Wilmington University.” Remind you of anyone? No, not Kim Kardashian. I’m talking about Dr. Jill Biden, another educator from the First State.


Jones is currently the Chief Operating Officer of First State Behavioral Health, a counseling center in Camden, Delaware. When not running her empire, Chaney is an Instagrammer with over 325,000 followers. West and Jones appear to have met on Instagram, and she attended the Donda 2 listening party last month when he was still dating his former muse Julia Fox.

So how did Jones take life by the horns and build such a kick-butt life for herself? Well to quote the stunning brainiac herself, who is either quoting Ronald Reagan or Rabbi Hillel, an early Jewish scholar, in an Instagram caption, “If not me then who?”

Congratulations, Chaney Jones! Get with Hunter Biden next!