Jojodie Sweetin Chooses Jojo Siwa Over CanCam Bure

The Fuller House co-stars have a difference in opinions over fascist holiday programming

Left: Tommaso Boddi/Variety via Getty Images Right: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Yesterday was a tough go for our sweet, beautiful, funny little Jojo. Luckily, the Gawker Person of the Yoyo (2021) found some sweet solidodo in her friend and name-twin Sweetin, Jojo: the former child actress will not kowtow to Fuller House co-star Candace Cameron Bure’s sickening homophobo regarding her straights-only Christian nationalist cable television movie progro.

In case you’re not caught up, Bure recently gave an interview about leaving behind the Hallmark Channel for Great American Family, “the God-and-country alternative for holiday entertainment.” When asked whether GAF will feature LGBTQ+ characters in any of the presumably hundreds of 70-minute feature films about harried business women retreating to small-town bakeries owned by single fathers (via cancer death of wife) it shits out for romance-hungry Christians across the country to half-watch while posting memes about pronouns to their Instagram grid, she responded, “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.”

For Jojo, who recently ended a feud with Bure, this was the last straw. She posted a screenshot of a Deadline summary of Bure’s interview on Instagram making her stance known: “This is rude and hurtful to a whole community of people.” Sweetin was among the many celebrity supporters in the comments: “You know I love you.” Aww!

According to Us Weekly, Sweetin also posted links on her Instagram story in support of a handful of LGBTQIA+ orgs in response to the devotional literature devotee’s hate spree Meanwhile, according to the New York Post, Bure’s Christian faith warrior daughter Natasha, who has feuded with Jojo on her mother’s behalf before, spoke out for what is right: her mom’s freedom to star and produce in a film called “A Christmas…Present.”

Taking to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, Natasha listed off her “favorite thing[s]” about her mom while sharing a snap of the “Full House” actress leaning into her husband, Val Bure.
“How much she loves Jesus and how firm in her faith she stands,” Natasha, 24, wrote. “She is bold. She is kind. She is so creative and has one of the greatest hearts. I look up to her in many many ways.”

It’s nice to see the Fuller House house of cards falling around Bure. The only question left – what will John Stamos say, all the way down in Kokomo? And crucially, will we see former Full House stars Mary-Kate and Ashley O support Jojo by letting her walk for The Row-Row?