Ezra Miller, Go Home

It's time to leave the people of Hawaii in peace

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 13: Ezra Miller attends the UK Premiere of "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes ...
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Ezra Miller, arrested again early Tuesday morning, is making the worst of their time in Hawaii. Miller is now being accused of getting angry and throwing a chair at a woman, resulting in a cut on her head, after being asked to leave their home.

This arrest comes mere weeks after the actor’s first Hawaii arrest for disorderly conduct after they flipped out at a bar when a couple started singing “Shallow” from A Star is Born. Ezra Miller, that’s a good movie, and an even better song! You might find some peace of mind if you considered how hard it is to keep it so hardcore?

Ezra Miller, it’s time to get out of there. You don’t go to Hawaii to go to people’s homes and be violent. You go there to lie down. Please, Ezra Miller, don’t you know about, like, whale watching or reading The Overstory three years too late on the beach? Can’t you engage in some ecotourism, whatever that means, or at least go see where they filmed Lost?

Miller is perhaps best known for entering the speed force in Zack Snyder’s Justice League or as Credence Barebone (look, I don’t write it) in the Fantastic Beasts franchise and now for terrorizing people in a state actively begging people not to come there. (He is also known for smelling bad and for allegedly calling everyone they meet “Gustav.”) The actor first faced violence accusations back in 2020, resulting in calls for their removal from tentpole franchises.

Listen, Ezra Miller, we all felt a call to mobilize after last year’s finale of The White Lotus, but this is no excuse to enact violence all across the beautiful state of Hawaii. For the sake of the islands, get the fuck out of there and come back to New York where queer people are constantly doing violence to each other at karaoke night.