Everyone Must Apologize to Our Savior Adam McKay

He’s trying to save the world, and we’re over here gossiping!

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shut up

Adam McKay has been a subject of conversation lately. He was discussed here recently after he spoke in a Vanity Fair profile about how he replaced his former business partner Will Ferrell with John C. Reilly in the upcoming HBO Lakers series Winning Time (the trailer for which was released today) without telling Will Ferrell. “I fucked up on how I handled that,” he said, and indeed it sounds like he did.

Then there was also a bit of murmuring about McKay with regard to his participation in a recent Jeremy Strong New Yorker profile. Jeremy Strong, Succession’s Kendall Roy, seems to be an enormous weirdo who cares very much about doing a good job in his on-screen pretending. The profile, which made this blogger love Jeremy Strong so much that she actually started watching Succession, a show she had previously been avoiding because of how fucking annoying everyone is about it, featured a good amount of side-eyeing from his coworkers who do not wish to put as much psychotic effort into their work.

“After the first season, he said something to me like, ‘I’m worried that people might think that the show is a comedy,’” Kieran Culkin is quoted as saying in the profile, regarding Strong. “And I said, ‘I think the show is a comedy.’ He thought I was kidding.” And then we have McKay:

“That’s exactly why we cast Jeremy in that role,” McKay told me. “Because he’s not playing it like a comedy. He’s playing it like he’s Hamlet.”

Not the meanest thing in the profile, but as it follows another anecdote in which McKay promised Strong the role of Roman, only to have Strong find out from another source that Kieran Culkin actually got the role, it's certainly enough to trigger an Adam McKay bitch alert.

Now McKay is in the Hollywood Reporter discussing his unhappiness with the fact that people talked about how he was a meanie to Will Ferrell and blew up their production company in the process. “It’s kind of crazy to see how much has been reported on this,” he said. He continues:

“We made ‘Don’t Look Up’ to hopefully get people talking about the climate crisis — literally the biggest threat to life in human history — and to see so much made about two comedy guys not talking about a TV show is a scary sign of our times.”

Oh my god … can you believe it? Adam McKay made Don’t Look Up, an already-panned climate-change satire for smug dumbasses, to save the literal world, and this is how you thank him? By discussing an anecdote he offered up willingly in a profile that was supposed to make him feel like a big strong star?

I mean, I’m starting to wonder if you even care about climate change (literally the biggest threat to life in human history) at all. Have you even heard of it? Well probably not, but you will once you watch fuckin’ Don’t Look Up, directed by climate change hero and basically well-respected journalist Adam McKay. Yeah, the same guy who taught you about the literal Iraq war. Ever heard of that?

Oh my god this guy is so annoying. Yes we care more about your bitch fight than your shitty wannabe Twilight Zone-ass star-studded jerk off. Get a life — while you still can!