Erika Jayne's Attorneys Claim She Is Actually Too Stupid to Commit Crime

Let's see if this works, fingers crossed.

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pretty mess

Erika Jayne’s attorneys are at the moment “actively talking” to lawyers overseeing the liquidation of estranged husband Tom Girardi’s law firm, who claim the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star personally owes $25 million that the firm, Girardi & Keese, paid to cover her expenses over a 12-year period.

“I gave her a week to just voluntarily return the money, but she never did,” Ronald Richards, the attorney representing Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy trustee, told Us Weekly. “I can’t get into the settlement discussion, but we are trying to resolve the case with her attorney. This is the $25 million that [Girardi’s] law firm paid on behalf of Erika to cover her expenses over a 12-year period.”

Erika Jayne’s attorneys would rather her not pay this amount, however, in part because they claim she does not have the money. “Erika has little in the way of assets and limited income,” Jayne’s lawyer, Evan C. Borges told “Page Six,” adding that if she were to pay a settlement, there would have to be “a drastic discount.” On top of that, her lawyers claim, she is actually — and we say this with a heavy heart — quite dim; too dim, in fact, to have knowingly committed any crimes. How advantageous!

“There is no hidden treasure of assets,” Borces told “Page Six.” “Everyone keeps piling on and trashing Erika for things she didn’t do. Keep in mind, Tom Girardi was a very powerful and wealthy attorney during his marriage to Erika. Erika has a 12th grade education and was never involved in the management of the firm. Whatever happened with the firm and Tom Girardi is for them to answer.”

Oh no, only a lowly complete education just without college, from the character who has portrayed herself seemingly accurately as the smartest person involved in each of the many Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes in which she has appeared. Gosh, the poor thing. Do you think she had to hire someone to read her book Pretty Mess to her? It’s so sad, but I’m glad she got to hear it, at least, and I do hope she didn’t hire them with the firm’s money.