Emily Ratajkowski Files for Divorce From That Guy She Was Married To

Her body, her divorce

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 15: Emily Ratajkowski is seen in Tribeca on July 15, 2022 in New York City...
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After months of rumors and speculation, after moving out of her New York City apartment and calling herself “recently single,” model and writer Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Good riddance!

Like any newly solo woman, Ratajkowski has taken to posting more on TikTok, where she’s done everything from dance videos to hanging out with Ziwe to musing on bell hooks to talking about the paperback edition of her book. She seems like she’s doing fine, honestly, and good for her. Her second book, which does not yet exist, will probably be great. She’s also rumored to be dating Brad Pitt, who is also still going through a divorce himself. I bet they have a lot to talk about. Maybe he’ll start posting on TikTok too.

Bear-McClard, on the other hand, was fired by his own company for alleged “behavior issues” and is having major regrets. A great way to avoid having regrets in general is to not have behavior issues, speaking as someone who’s never had a behavior issue in their life.

According to TMZ, the filing is “contested,” which means there could be a substantial amount of ironing out. It also means that she has to add the caption “for legal reasons this is a joke” to her TikTok about liking ugly men.