Decoding Lauren Graham's 'Gilmore Girls' Announcement

What is she trying to tell us...

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MAY 11:  Actress Lauren Graham arrives at the Netflix "Gilmore Girls: A Year In ...
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On Tuesday, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham retweeted a Gilmore Girls clip from the still-active Gilmore Girls Twitter account @GilmoreGirls. In the clip, Lauren Graham (as Lorelai Gilmore) is holding two cell phones to each side of her head. “Who are you talking to?” Luke Danes (diner owner) asks. “My other two personalities,” Lorelai says. Regarding the clip, the Twitter account said, “How we’re feeling today.” Regarding all of it, Lauren Graham said, “🤓.”

Naturally this led to speculation from Gilmore Girls fans about whether there is another Gilmore Girls revival in the works following the cliffhanger ending of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, as any mention of the show from any member of its cast always does. (My interpretation: “My other two personalities” is Gilmore Girls and Netflix; “How we’re feeling today” is referring to the feeling that Gilmore Girls and Netflix are at present having a conversation to agree to do another series. “🤓” is Lauren Graham putting on her glasses to better read her contract.)

In response to the “🤓,” a lady named Meg said, “LAUREN PLEASE TELL US!!! They keep teasing us!! and now you too 💗🙈🥺.” “LAUREN REPOSTANDO CENA DE GILMORE GIRLS??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” said another person. “Are you hinting something here Lauren or just teasing us?! 👀 🤣” said somebody else.

Alas, there is — allegedly — “not” another revival in the works. Graham put a stop to the speculation with another tweet posted a few hours after her “🤓.” “Sweet Peoples: sorry for any confusion,” she wrote. “I retweeted that clip because I thought it was fun but I have nothing @GilmoreGirls-related to announce except that I continue to be bad at the internet and I continue to love you all. 🍀💚xL”


Now all that’s left to figure out is what she’s trying to tell us.

We begin with “Sweet Peoples.” This is an easy one, and clearly refers to S6E20 “Super Cool Party People,” wherein Lorelai saves the dreaded April’s birthday party by taking the gaggle of girls Luke assembled at his diner to the local makeup store for a likely quite pricey shopping spree and subsequent makeovers. Here, it seems we are the girls and the quite pricey shopping spree is Netflix raising their monthly cost to $20 a month. The makeover aspect is Netflix “making over” Gilmore Girls for another season. Easy.

“Sorry for any confusion,” is a bit harder, but seems to be referring to the general sense of confusion around the fact that there is almost certainly another Gilmore Girls series in the works at Netflix.

“I retweeted that clip because I thought it was fun”: Here, “retweeted” seems to be referring to bringing Gilmore Girls back for another season (“retweeting” it, so to speak) at Netflix.

“but I have nothing @GilmoreGirls-related to announce except”: Except?? Exceeeept? (I’m saying “except” here like how Lorelai says it when Rory is studying for her Shakespeare test; you remember.)

“that I continue to be bad at the internet and I continue to love you all”: Ah-huh! Here she clearly means that she “continues” to be bad at the internet (Lorelai doesn’t like computers) and “continues” to love “you all” (continues to love Rory and, though in a more strained capacity, Emily) in the forthcoming new episodes of Gilmore Girls.

“🍀💚xL”: Means they will drop on St. Patrick’s Day.

Looks like we cracked the code! Thank you, Lauren Graham, we can’t wait!