Dane Cook Is Not Embarrassed About His Very Young Fiancée and Actually He’s Laughing

The comedian (50) and his fiancée Kelsi Taylor (24) are chuckling all the way to the nursing home

Kelsi Taylor
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Dane Cook, a 50-year-old comedian you can ask your parents about, has been dating his fiancée since she was 18 years old. After celebrating her birthday yesterday, she is now the frankly almost disgusting age of 24. Happy birthday to the ancient gentlewoman.

You’d think being engaged to a pilates instructor (she’s a pilates instructor) less than half of his age would be a sore spot for the aged comedian, but actually? He and his child bride are just L-O-Ling about it and having a regular ol’ blast.

“Going into the relationship, we knew that people would have an opinion in the public eye,” Cook told People in a recent interview. (Going into the relationship, as a reminder, Kelsi Taylor was 18 — not that you should have an opinion about that and, actually, don’t you dare.) How did they cope? Why, how else but with laughter.

“We were very early making jokes,” Cook said. “I would say something like, ‘I’d love to have a family,’ and she would say, ‘Oh, I’d love to have a family when I’m young,’ and I’d say, ‘Well, I’d like that as well because I’d like to hold my children on my death bed.'”

It’s called yes-anding, it makes sense, and it’s hilarious. "Being able to poke fun at it and have some jokes at our own expense, I think it prepared us for what was going to happen," he said. "Which is people were going to put us as a target, so if we make the joke first and we're laughing at it, you can't really hurt us with that."

So good luck, bullies and haters. I’d like to see you try to tear down this beautiful relationship between equals who were “very early making jokes.” Um, those jokes you were thinking about making? Consider them already having been made, all right, because Dane Cook would like to hold his children on his death bed lmao. We’re giggling and happy (me and Dane and Kelsi). Not sure you can say the same …