Dana (You Remember Her) Is Alleging That Dorit and Mauricio Are Having an Affair

All of these people are from ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Dorit: Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Mauricio: Amy Graves/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
mo problems

In May 2022, the conspiracy theory-laden gossip website Crazy Days and Nights posted this blind item:

“This west coast Housewife would have the best storyline of all time if everyone knew about the affair she was having with the husband of another Housewife.”

Mon Dieu! Commenters had a few different guesses, but the most common suspects were Dorit Kemsley, a cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Mauricio Umansky, the husband of Dorit’s Beverly Hills co-star Kyle Richards. (The evidence given was that Dorit kissed Mauricio’s shoulder in the first episode of the show’s current season.) At the time, influencer Dana Omari shared the blind item on Instagram and in return received a bunch of DMs from people claiming to have seen both Mauricio and Kyle with other romantic partners, suggesting they have an open relationship (something they deny).

Now it’s August of 2022, and a different Dana has something to allege. This time it’s Dana Wilkey, a former friend-of the Beverly Hills cast. (You remember her — her sunglasses cost twenny-five-thou-sahn.) In an Instagram post on Sunday, this Dana shared a photoshopped image of Dorit and Mauricio adorned with the words An Affair to Remember.

“The fans can’t stop talking about this! Thoughts? Credit: #karenhugar Wig on @youtube #rhobh #rhobh💎 #bravotv #wwhl #kyleumansky #kylerichards #doritkemsley #mauricioumansky #pkkemsley,” Dana wrote. (The Karen Hugar tagged is not meant to be the Real Housewives of Potomac Grande Dame Karen Huger; it’s a shoutout to this Housewives gossip YouTube channel.)

Dorit, famously a board member of the unfortunately named supposed dental charity Homeless Not Toothless, responded in the comments of Dana’s post, writing, quite longly:

“Is something wrong with you woman? Or are you just so miserable in your life you have nothing better to do? You’re definitely one of the thirstiest people I’ve ever seen, I guess it’s just as simple as that? 🤷🏼‍♀️Kyle and Mau are our friends and my kids call them uncle and auntie. Do you think this is ok for my kids to see when it’s a disgusting lie? If this is the only way you can make a buck then so be it but at least have some decency and stop trying to peddle false narratives especially when you know there is ZERO truth behind it and your whole motive is to just hurt people for no reason. It’s sad, pathetic and bound to bite you in the ass inevitably.”

In response to that, Dana shared the post to her Instagram story, circling her caption to emphasize the fact that she was merely stating that “fans can’t stop talking” about Dorit and Mauricio (i.e., her hands are clean) adding, “People don’t read posts apparently… however that said obviously struck a nerve.” And I must agree that it seems like it did.

And, well, that’s all the gossip I have for you, gossip girls. Do you think Dorit and Mo are doing it? If you ask me, I’m not sure why they would — there’s a whole world of non-cast member people out there to cheat on Kyle with — but I support them if that is their choice. Thank you.