Confirmed Split: Chrishell Stause and Either One or Both of Those Twins

The sun set on their relationship

LOS ANGELES CA - MAY 21: Chrishell Stause is seen on the set of 'Selling Sunset' on May 21, 2021 in ...
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the silent of the lamb

For Selling Sunset superfanatics like me, it’s the $75 million question: Now, wait a minute here, which twin was Chrishell Stause pretending to be dating again?

I’m a verified Sell Out (that’s what us Selling Sunset heads call ourselves) and the glossy Netflix real estate psycho-drama is probably my favorite television program. Even so, it took me six episodes of the first season to understand that there are two different but identical Oppenheim twins on the show. I was shocked by the big reveal, even though it wasn’t a plot twist to anyone else but me. I was just looking at my phone instead of the screen, probably. But what are the odds?

Anyway, Chrishell Stause and one of those hot little household hunks broke up even though she shared a video to Instagram of Jason asking Chrishell’s hair dressers if they could do anything with his bald head mere days ago. They seemed so in love with being famous together!

According to People, the filming of Selling Sunset season five wrapped two days ago. That is such a crazy coincidence. There’s always another Oppenheim bro in the office, Chrishell, and a third (goth) Property Brother toiling in Vegas obscurity if you want to take a walk on the wild side.