Chris Noth Must Stop Evading the Question

Why didn't Carrie call 911?

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“Chris Noth Explains The Real Reason Why Carrie Didn't Call 911 in And Just Like That,” reads a tempting headline from the E! News website. And of course we’re intrigued. Everyone, including most famously Jonah Hill on Instagram, is wondering the same thing. In a very satisfying bit of content, Vulture even asked a cardiologist about it. Why, in the premiere of Sex and the City post-quel And Just Like That, when Carrie found Big alive but in peril on the floor of their bathroom, maybe dying but not yet dead, did she not call 911? Why did she instead cradle him as if he were a soldier on the battlefield whose death was imminent; a soldier who had not yet realized he’d lost all of his limbs and most of his skull in an explosion?

And just like that … in a Vogue article aggregated on the E! News website … Chris Noth was going to tell us.

—Or was he?

"One thing Michael [Patrick King] and I agreed on: We both called it the Bonnie and Clyde moment, which is that moment when Bonnie and Clyde are about to be eviscerated by bullets. They have that look with each other, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. They both know that it's the end,” Noth said. Okay, so why didn’t she call 911?

"We knew that we had to have that, that I just shouldn't die alone in the bathroom,” Noth said. “There had to be that last moment and no words, no corny dialogue, just a look, and I thought [King] did it so beautifully." Okay … so why didn’t she call 911?

"It was very important for both of us to find a way to have that last moment together,” he said, “not that she walks in and finds me dead in the bathroom.” Okay. So. "That was essential for me to come back to,” he said. Okay so why … “And the rest is just chemistry with SJ.” Okay so why didn’t she… “We've known each other a long time."

Okay so why didn’t she call 911???

Chris Noth — we understand the scene. No one is wondering about the scene. Nobody is saying, “why did they look at each other in the scene.” You are refusing to answer the question and I regret to inform you our methods of drawing out the answer will accelerate in severity the longer it takes for you to do so. So we’ll ask nicely one more time, Chris Noth.

Why didn’t she call 911?