Brandi Glanville Is Not Sorry for Rage DMing Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

Mama Bear to the end

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drinking and dming

Brandi Glanville, of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls’ Trip: Dorinda’s House) fame, is not sorry. This tends to be true in general, but today it is true in the specific: the 49-year-old reality star is not sorry about sending a series of angry Instagram direct messages to her son’s 18-year-old ex-girlfriend. Please update your Brandi Glanville apologia ledger accordingly.

In a video recently shared on TikTok, the aforementioned ex-girlfriend published a series of messages she received from Glanville in April, with names redacted. Glanville wrote in part: “Stop fucking with [son’s name] Bella!!! I’m not fucking joking leave him alone and let him heal and stay in your own fucking room. You don’t get to have your fucking cake and eat it too you think you’re crazy??? You don’t wanna fuck with my crazy.” (The room in question seems to be Glanville’s eldest son’s dorm room at college.)

The ex-girlfriend — Bella, I guess — responded maturely, which is the correct way to respond to an irrational DM you plan to share on social media later. “I’m not sure what [he’s] been telling you but I have not been fucking with him at all by any standards or means,” she wrote. “I told [him] I wanted to completely remove myself from his life for a while so he can heal, and he begged me to not do that… I have also asked him many times if I am aloud [sic] in his room and every time he has said yes. He also told me he wants me around as a friend so all I’m doing is what he is telling me is best for him.”

She kept going after that, and here’s the rest of it:

“I’m not sure what [he’s] telling you but I wouldn’t to anything to fuck with [him]. I’m not a bad person. People break up and that is just something he has to deal with, I’ve had to deal with it too and it hasn’t been easy for me either. But me breaking up with [him] does not make me a bad nor malicious person. I’m not crazy, I’m a very sane person actually so please don’t call me something I’m not. However, you dming your son’s 18-year-old ex-girlfriend, and threatening her, is. It is also wildly inappropriate, please do not reach out to me like this again.”

Despite Glanville’s recent insistence that she is NOT SORRY!!! and in fact a mama bear, she did apologize to Bella the day after her DM rant, writing, “I am so sorry I was so emotional yesterday and then I shouldn’t of been smoking and drinking at the same time. I just hated seeing [him] so sad and I don’t even know what I wrote and I’m not gonna look I don’t know how to look anyway I’m so sorry please forgive me.”

One can only say: LOL. Alas, Glanville has seemingly reversed her feelings of regret, staying true to the Housewives motto: Never apologize, always explain poorly and in a way that gives you more things to (not) apologize for later.