Brad Pitt Joins Celeb Skincare Race With Genderless Grape Serums

Brought to you by a guy who had to be taught to wash his face

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god's true moisturizer

Another day, another dollar, at least in the unaffordable celebrity skincare line game. Joining the ranks of Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin (formerly just Rhode) and Kim Kardashian’s SKKN (hard to not read as “suckin’”), Brad Pitt announced his new skincare line called Le Domaine. It’s supposed to be gender-neutral and scientific and “terroir-based,” and despite the copious words dedicated to hyping up Le Domaine on its website, all other signs indicate that Pitt doesn’t really care about it at all.

In a Vogue exclusive ostensibly intended to promote the products he’s now hawking, Pitt takes umbrage at the normal celebrity skincare line questions. In conversation, he refuses to “drop the skincare routine” that he himself uses and turns down the suggestion of a product demonstration. He doesn’t know what a gua sha is, and he’s too antsy for facials. He credits his friend Gwyneth Paltrow for not only “inspiring him” with her work she’s done with Goop, but also for getting him to wash his face twice a day.

Okay, so why is Pitt doing this, if he has no plans to be a “beauty baron” (and, in fact, claims to not even know what that is) and only has a good skincare routine when he’s being “taken care of”? Great question, with an answer that should be obvious: It all comes back to his contested winery that he and ex-wife Angelina Jolie continue to sue each other over. Earlier this year, if you’ll recall, Pitt filed suit against Jolie for selling her stake in their once-shared winery Château Miraval to a Russian oligarch (we’ve all been there), claiming that Jolie “sought to inflict harm” against her former husband with the sale. (A recently released FBI report, meanwhile, contains Jolie’s allegations that Pitt had physically harmed her and threatened their children aboard a private jet in 2016.)

Château Miraval’s grapes are apparently what make the Le Domaine skincare line so special, that make its products like “the serum” or “the cream” cost upwards of $300. But, whereas Pitt seems totally uninterested in how his skincare line works, he’s really fucking invested in those grapes. “I remember reading about the health properties of grape skins as something we wanted to investigate. But the initial idea, right from the beginning, comes back to this place. It’s just steeped in creativity and it’s so fertile. We make olive oil, truffles and honey here,” Pitt explains to Vogue, so keep an eye out for Pitt-branded olive oil soon, probably.

As far as Le Domaine’s “genderless” aspect goes, Pitt seems to think that’s just rooted in the product being relatively scentless. “Again, I don’t know if it’s just that I believe in being all-inclusive as much as possible?” he says, the question mark doing a lot of heavy lifting in his beliefs.

The Vogue interview ends with a reflection on life priorities, which, for Pitt, consists of “family and friends.” They are, “at the end of the day … all that matters,” he adds, which is probably why he keeps suing his own.