Bill Clinton and Dr. Ruth Spotted Canoodling at U.S. Open

New couple alert?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 29: Bill Clinton, Dr. Ruth and Huma Abedin look on during the Women's Si...
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The stars were out in Queens on Monday night to watch Serena Williams kick off her farewell tour at the U.S. Open. Hugh Jackman was there, and Bella Hadid, and my coworker George. But all eyes were on one steamy new duo who couldn’t keep their heads not tilted toward each other alllll night long …

Ow, ow, ow! It’s getting hot in here! Yes, former President Bill Clinton and sex therapist Dr. Ruth were spotted canoodling in the stands, gazing hungrily at each other, swapping (one can only imagine) their sexiest little secrets.

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Oh, if only we could be a fly on that, you know … barrier thing. My god, the filth we might be a party to! My ears are burning just imagining what could be passing between those delicate sets of lustful lips.

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Um, move over that photo of Ariana Grande looking at Pete Davidson in that big yellow sweatshirt and she has a lollipop in her mouth. We have a new image to represent the unbridled lust of a small woman toward a tall man — and it’s this one!

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Seated happily and content … who knows what could have put them in such a state, hmm? Our eager minds will have no choice but to wonder …

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And of course the U.S. Open wasn’t the first time these two got a bit sensual. It’s possible their handsy romance began at the 2003 Grammy Awards. But we wouldn’t want to spoil their secret. That’s all part of the fun, don’t you think? XOXO ;)