Another Sister Wife Canned Kody Brown's Stupid Ass

Janelle Brown says goodbye to her husband of 29 years and rides her fifth-wheel trailer into the sun

Getty Images/Gabe Ginsberg / Contributor
coyote passages

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown, television’s most complicated anti-hero, is closer than ever to his ultimate goal of having a monogamous marriage with one woman. Kody’s wife Janelle Brown, whom he married (spiritually speaking) in 1993, is leaving him, as confirmed on Sunday night in a sneak peak trailer of a special sit-down Sister Wives event.

This news comes just over a year after Kody's second wife Christine announced she was leaving him after 25 years. Currently, the lead-up to Janelle and Kody’s split is playing out on season 17, the greatest and grittiest docu-series of our time, as Janelle becomes invested in sticking out a Flagstaff winter in a trailer with no water, electricity, or septic tank rather than spend time indoors with her husband.

Kody’s draconian Covid-19 protocols and his horrible personality have been major points of discord this season. Some of Janelle’s children with Kody have all but become estranged from their father over the course of the last three years, and she is siding with the boys.

Now Kody’s only got two wives left: Robyn, whom he married in 2014, and Meri, his first wife whom he legally divorced in order to marry Robyn and adopt her children from a previous marriage. Kody’s lived primarily with Robyn since the beginning of the pandemic, and Meri splits her time between Flagstaff and Parowan, Utah, where she runs an inn with her friend Jenn. As People puts it, “Kody still remains in a polygamous bond with Meri Brown and Robyn Brown, though his relationship with Meri has become platonic.” From this viewer’s point of view, Meri will be the next to fall. (Meri and Kody’s relationship never recovered after a catfishing scandal that befell Mrs. Brown in 2015.)

Don’t worry, Janelle will be fine. She seems to be at the tip-top of a lucrative downline at a multi-level marketing company that sells weight loss powders.

It seems that Kody may soon find himself alone with just Robyn and their children, which is a failure in terms of his initial mission of normalizing polygamy, but the ultimate coup for his personal life. He hates those other bitches! I wish Robyn nothing but happiness, and I invite Kody to eat shit. You’re never gonna pay off Coyote Pass, man.