Andy Cohen Issues Apology to Hot Nurses

He's sorry if he offended

Andy Cohen: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images; Nurse Hat: Shutterstock
hello nurse

Ciara Miller, the 26-year-old Summer House star who is unfortunately embroiled in an unrequited on-screen love affair with a horrible 34-year-old doofus, appeared on Watch What Happens Live! this week. Ciara, as you may know, is very hot. You may also know that she is (or was at least at one point) a nurse. Well, “hello, nurse,” indeed.

“Hi, Ciara, you're looking so beautiful. Wow,” WWHL host Andy Cohen said, apparently stunned upon seeing how hot Ciara looked, even though she looks hot at all times on the show he produces and actually it’s kind of the main thing about her. “You’re actually a nurse? And this is what you look like? Wow.”

Although most might see this as an innocuous comment about how it’s surprising that a hot person could be a nurse, for some reason nurses were offended.

“Why did Andy say “you’re a nurse and this is what you look like?!” As if nurses aren’t attractive. Ciaira is obviously STUNNING but I know many beautiful nurses. 🤔” said one Twitter user. “@Andy what kind of comment was that about Ciara being a nurse and “looking like that?”….. big yikes #WWHL,” said another.

News of the Twitter rumblings got to Andy halfway through the episode. "Just want to say before we go on, I have offended the nurses of America and internationally,” he said. “I apologize. I was merely mentioning that Ciara looks like a supermodel. I know that many nurses look … it's no condemnation of nurses."

Okay, nurses?

Is that good enough for you??

“All nurses are hot,” Ciara said. “All nurses are hot,” Andy agreed. “But the most important thing is, all nurses have the biggest hearts in the universe, and they are beautiful inside and out. I am sorry if I offended anyone.”

And of course the reason they have the biggest hearts in the universe is to go along with their absolutely enormous knockers. Thank you for your service, hot nurses of America and internationally. And a “hello, nurse” to all of you, as well.