Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell Have Filed for Divorce

Good news for Dean and Trudy, at least

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The Gilmore Girl and Mad Men communities are flying their flags at half-mast today. (The flags display a “Luke’s Diner” logo and a silhouette of Jon Hamm sitting, respectively.) Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser have ended their eight-year marriage.

The news comes from Us Weekly, which obtained documents confirming that on August 10 Kartheiser filed for divorce with the Putnam County Supreme Court in New York. So far no secret sources have come out to tell us why Bledel and Kartheiser decided to end things; for now, we can only suspect that Jess was involved in some capacity and that Lorelai is going to be disappointed in an unreasonably self-righteous way.

The typically private couple met on the set of Mad Men, when Bledel had a guest role as someone Pete Campbell cheated on his wife with. They wed in a secret ceremony in 2014, and had a secret child together the following year.

We were rooting for them, as Tyra Banks would say, and are sad to see the dissolution of their union. We can only hope Campbell decides to return to his tortured wife and children in Kansas, and his job at that private jet company (though I’m sure they’re undergoing difficult times at the moment). As for Rory — of course we’d love to see her with Jess, but in truth we’d rather see her with Logan. He is rich and his familial newspaper connections will provide her the leg-up in media she so clearly needs.

We wish Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell the best as they go their separate ways. Please, before we end things here today, join me in saying the traditional Gilmore Girl and Mad Men community farewell.

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