A Look Back on Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew's 2 Best Moments

They’ve split, maybe

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 03: JoJo Siwa performs onstage during a drive-in screening and perf...
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a siwanation mourns

I’m not always writing about Jojo Siwa as an ongoing soft audition to be a senior reporter for Just Jared, Jr., my favorite website for teen Hollywood celebrity news and more; I do it because I think Jojo Siwa is a supreme talent. But when I learned via Page Six this morning that Jojo had split with Kylie Prew, her long-time girlfriend of six months, and JJJr. hadn’t covered it yet, I wanted to really razzle dazzle the masthead, whose names I cannot find because none of the articles have bylines.

I’ve tracked Jojo’s ascension from her humble beginnings as a small dance daughter giving a Ted Talk to her star-making turns as a hot little nutcracker and a virgin who can’t drive on DWTS, and she couldn’t have done it without Ky. Here are their best moments together:

Phamous / BACKGRID

In September, Jojo and Kylie shared a sweet smooch in matching Chuck Taylors (OK, Kravis much???) outside of the DWTS studio in Los Angeles.

Phamous / BACKGRID

In April, Kylie and Jojo shared a sweet embrace at a Queen Nation (?) concert in Los Angeles.

As these two photos illustrate, the couple was young and in love, and even though it didn’t work out, there’s grace in that fact alone. Heartbreak is a phantom pain in the negative space of our chest cavities, as if someone is scooping the casserole of our insides out for a second helping when there’s simply nothing left to serve. Only time lessens the pain, but one day, we will realize that the hurt we endured ultimately made us more of ourselves.

Rest in peace, KyJo. Just Jared Jr., I’m here and willing to abandon my current job immediately.