5 Fast Facts: Orazio Rispo, Random Guy Emrata Smooched

He has one tweet!

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 15: Orazio Rispo at the third annual  BrazilFoundation Gala Miami at Perez Art Mus...
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Emrata, podcaster and once-rumored “not girlfriend” of skincare mogul and grape obsessive Brad Pitt, is smooching a new guy identified by the Daily Mail as Orazio Rispo, a New York-based DJ. Who is this guy and what is his deal and is he going to be sticking around for much longer? I can’t help you on the third one, but here are five fast facts about EmRata’s new whatever he is.

1. He is the son of real estate mogul Giampiero Rispo.

Father Rispo’s company Domus Realty sells properties like this Midtown penthouse that runs a cool $250 million. Didn’t Emrata just move out of her apartment? Maybe her new beau’s dad can help her find a spot.

2. Apparently he’s pals with Nick Kroll’s wife, Landscape Artist Lily Kwong?

Kwong and Rispo have a ton of photos together from a wide variety of charity galas stretching back to 2012. In 2015 she recapped her Fourth of July plans to WWD, the highlight of which was seeing EmRata’s rando do a set: “I’m headed to Montauk with my boyfriend and a big crew — the plan is to watch our friend Orazio Rispo DJ a big waterfront party on Friday and then spend the rest of the weekend barbecuing and unwinding on the beach. I’m most looking forward to eating summer corn!”

3. He has one tweet. Well, it’s just a retweet. But it’s really good:

4. EmRata loves when a guy is New York nightlife.

Her soon-to-be ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard is a movie producer; Orazio Rispo is a DJ. These guys love taking Manhattan nightlife by storm. How did Brad Pitt, who as far as I know lives in Joshua Tree or whatever, think he stood a chance?

5. He is a “registered democrat.”

This one comes from Daily Mail, so take it with a grain of salt. Emrata is outspoken about her relatively left-leaning politics, and maybe the two have gabbed about Bernie Sanders’s 2024 chances. Or maybe she’s never going to see him again. Either way, I’m still waiting on a call about the penthouse.