Spooky: Eric Adams Is Right For Once

Of course there are ghosts at Gracie Mansion

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 09: Mayor Eric Adams is seen attending the Rainbow Room at the Rockefeller Center...
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images
Boooooo York City

Mayor Eric Adams is wrong about so much stuff all the time. As mayor, he has defended cops for arresting a woman selling mango in the subway, he allowed the Rent Guidelines Board to endorse rent increases by up to 6%, and he recently had dinner with Casey Affleck in Los Angeles. The man sucks.

I do not believe that you “have to hand it” to an idiot when they are right about one thing, but I will admit that Mayor Adams finally said something I agree with: there are ghosts in Gracie Mansion, the official mayor’s residence.

“I don’t care what anyone says, there are ghosts in there, man,” Mayor Adams said during a recent broadcast of a Yankees game on the YES network, “They’re creeping around.”

Gracie Mansion is 224 years old, and according to the New York Post, “at least one person is known to have died at Gracie Mansion: Elizabeth Wolcott Gracie, daughter-in-law of the merchant who constructed the house, who died from apoplexy in 1819.” I’m willing to bet that Miss Elizabeth, may she rest in power, is not the only person to have died in or around that house — and I would not be surprised if she or one of her friends had some unfinished business. To think otherwise would be ridiculous. No one else seems to agree with me and Mayor Adams though.

“Absolutely not, I never heard of such idiocy,” Anna Maria Santorelli told the Post. Santorelli worked as a chef and events manager at Gracie Mansion under former mayors David Dinkins, Rudy Giuliani, and Michael Bloomberg, so one could argue she has spent enough time there to know whether or not there is a ghost. But my question to her would be this: Have you ever spent a night alone in the house? When it’s pitch black and the only noise is that of your own breathing? When you’re lying in bed and hear the creaks of a centuries-old floor board that sound a lot like footsteps? Have you woken up to find that a book you knew was on the top shelf of a bookcase is now on the floor, open to a page that is scarily pertinent to your personal life?

Former first lady Chirlaine McCray also said she had sensed something spooky about the home. In a 2017 interview quoted by the Post, she said “There are times when doors open and close by themselves, and the floorboards creak as though someone is walking through the rooms.” Interesting. Seems like Black voices are being silenced in this debate.

I will probably never again agree with Mayor Adams on anything. But on this we can agree: Gracie Mansion is definitely haunted. I’m Olivia Craighead, and I endorse this message.