LinkedIn Update: Prince Andrew's Old Media Adviser Now Working for Liz Truss

This guy must be good

Britain's Prince Andrew, Duke of York, speaks during a television interview outside the Royal Chapel...

Almost three years ago, Britain’s leading Teddy Bear collector Prince Andrew took a break from his favorite activities — organizing his embroidered pillows, hanging out in his chalet, spending two days (allegedly) in a hotel room watching porn — to defend himself against accusations that he coerced Virginia Giuffre into having sex with him when she was 17 years old. It did not go well.

Among other things, Andrew claimed that he had a “a peculiar medical condition which is that I don’t sweat,” and thus could not have been sweating heavily on the night they met, as Giuffre had claimed. In fact, Andrew went on to say, he couldn’t have been there at all that night, on account of the fact that he specifically remembered taking his daughter to “a Pizza Express in Woking.” Well that settled it, and we were all persuaded of his innocence.

At least Prime Minister Liz Truss must have thought so, as she hired Prince Andrew’s former advisor, Jason Stein, to help her prepare for interviews and “PMQs” — British for the PM’s weekly press conferences. Technically speaking, Stein allegedly counseled the Duke of York against going on the BBC, according to Politico. (The same piece also quotes a colleague calling him “a Grade A bullshitter.”) He left the Prince’s employ shortly before it aired. That must have been a dark period for Stein, as he does not list his work for Andrew on his LinkedIn.

But Stein has moved onward and upward, advising Truss on her PM campaign, “Liz for Leader.” That evidently worked out, though the jury’s out on his interview prep. Early Thursday morning, Truss gave a series of radio interviews that multiple outlets have described as a “car crash.”