Biden Go Vroom

Old man takes one last spin

US President Joe Biden test drives an electric hummer as he tours the General Motors Factory ZERO el...
Need for Speed

Hey. I have a treat for you. It’s the kind of treat that you never knew you wanted, but once you receive it, you’ll think to yourself, “How did I go my whole life without having this delectable treasure?” Not to overpromise, but it’s that good. Okay, you ready? Please close your eyes.

And now open:

It’s a video — tweeted by NBC News senior White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell — of the president of the United States, an agèd man who probably legally should no longer be on the road, going absolutely pedal to the medal scooting an electric Hummer from one end of a parking lot to the other.

“VROOM,” went the car, tires shrieking, as President Joe Biden floored it in a manner suggestive of a young (at heart), wild, and free 78-year-old taking his car for one last spin before his license gets taken away due to reckless endangerment.

Here’s another angle, via Bloomberg News White House correspondent Justin Sink:

“These suckers are something else!” Biden reportedly said before going back in for another joyride, presumably high off the adrenaline rush of hurtling across pavement in a large mechanical beast.


To provide some context, although it’s funnier without it, Biden was visiting a new General Motors plant in Detroit on Wednesday to check out electric vehicles and talk about the newly passed infrastructure bill that includes billions of dollars earmarked for Michigan, per the Detroit Free Press.

“That Hummer is one hell of a vehicle,” he said during his speech at the plant. Biden, whose dad managed a car dealership, is said to be a big car guy, as he reportedly shared at the plant and again on Twitter.

He also made sure to emphasize that, although he enjoys electric vehicles, he’s no filthy hippie-dippie communist: “Here’s the deal, I am a capitalist. If you are able to make a million, a billion dollars, do it, it is good for everybody–” Okay I’ve heard enough.

Well, here’s one more video of the president enjoying his ride: