Okay So Which STD Does Bill Clinton Have

He’s in the hospital for a “non-Covid related infection”

U.S. President-elect Bill Clinton reacts to onlookers' cheers 11 January, 1993 in Little Rock, AR. C...

A spokesperson for Bill Clinton announced Thursday that the former President had been admitted to the UCI Medical Center in Orange, California. Since Tuesday, he has been receiving fluids and antibiotics for a “non-Covid-related infection.” Isn’t that interesting.

The withered ex-commander had been in California for an event related to his uncontroversial and normal nonprofit, the Clinton Foundation, when he fell ill. According to CNN, Clinton had a “urinary tract infection” that “spread to his bloodstream” — a common but dangerous condition called “sepsis.” Per the Mayo Clinic, “any type of infection...can lead to sepsis.” Here are some bacterial infections that aren’t Covid:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis

Or perhaps he has Havana Syndrome. Havana nother affair…