New York Rap Is Alive and Unwell

Bill de Blasio and Chuck Schumer’s ‘Watch The Throne’ coming soon

BRONX, NEW YORK - AUGUST 16: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (L) and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer atte...
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Mom's Spaghetti

The Bronx is still a hotspot for people seeking out their musical dreams. Three of New York’s top non-disgraced politicians turned out to the first of New York City’s Homecoming Week concerts at Orchard Beach yesterday. Mayor Bill de Blasio, Bronx Borough President Reuben Diaz Jr., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer were all present, and all took a moment to be corny as shit.

De Blasio’s moment took place backstage, where he met the legendary Bronx rapper Slick Rick. The rapper, known for wearing an eyepatch and massive chains, looked delighted to meet the mayor, and reached up high to place his enormous Africa pendant on the giraffe-like de Blasio.

In the video of their meeting, de Blasio looks more relaxed and chipper than he has in his entire time in office. He’s positively beaming as he says, “Does it get better than this… I feel special now.” While this is absolute cornball behavior, I’m sorry to say that it is also very charming. Have I grown a soft spot for our city’s own jolly green giant now that he just parades around the city having a good time? Maybe.

On the other hand, I have not budged in thinking that Sen. Schumer is an old gasbag who needs to retire. The 70-year-old four-term senator took the stage with Diaz Jr. to rap to the crowd assembled in the Bronx, and it went just about how you would expect. Diaz Jr. displayed a passable flow, only to be interrupted by Sen. Schumer waddling out on stage holding a big plaque and doing a little shoulder shimmy.

Diaz Jr. set Sen. Schumer up for failure by asking, “You got some bars, Chuck?” To which Sen Schumer responded, in a sad cadence that would never get him past handing out CDs in Union Square, “I got the bars, I got the plaque, I got the music, we got it all!” You can hear the other people on stage laughing at him.

Sen. Schumer evidently lost himself in the music, the moment — but maybe if he had taken the time to meet with Slick Rick, he would have realized that he shouldn't have done it.