Marjorie Taylor Greene Praises Nation of Islam for Vaccine Stance

Wait until she learns one more thing about them.

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Healing moment

People love saying that we should “reach across the aisle” to find “common ground” with people who have different politics than us. But what does it mean to really practice this? Luckily, the queen of Crossfit herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has put her money where her mouth is and started the healing with an unlikely group: The Nation of Islam.

In a Twitter thread posted this afternoon, Greene spoke of how she visited the D.C. Jail and picked up some religious material. The two options on offer? “Christain and Islam.” Two of the world’s most dominant religions.

The 17-tweet thread continued to explain that the Islam in question was in fact the Nation of Islam, a group founded in 1930 and famous for its anti-semitic views, and the religious material in question was Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam newspaper, which is circulated at the D.C. Jail. But Greene is not one to get lost in such distinctions. She read a word she recognized, and sometimes that’s enough.

What Greene was interested in is that the Nation of Islam (which, again, she thinks is the religion Islam) sees the benefits of Ivermectin, and according to their newspaper believes that the Democrats and Dr Fauci “refuse to save people’s lives by not promoting it and shunning the use of it.” Like Greene herself, the Nation of Islam is strongly against the COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, according to Greene, vaccine mandates go against freedom of religion! Anya Taylor-Joy better watch her back, because there is a new CHECKMATE queen in town.

After crafting her airtight argument, Greene wanted to make one more thing clear: she did NOT find this Nation of Islam newspaper at the Patriot Wing she was visiting. They only had Bibles there.

To recap: Greene seemingly does not know the difference between the Nation of Islam and Islam, and maybe believes they’re both ISIS? She goes on to say, “I am strongly opposed to radical Islam.” For now, she’s just so happy that her views are shared by literally any other group. And that’s what reaching across the aisle is all about.