Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Terminal Posters’ Disease

I'm Googling my symptoms too

US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene(R-GA) holds a press conference to call for the dismissal of ...
Democracy at Work

There are a lot of things you could say about the batshit Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — for example, I could comment on her feet, photos of which currently have a certain subset of Twitter under their spell — but one thing she must be recognized for is being absolutely, inescapably committed to the art of posting.

The Holocaust scholar and CrossFit thrasher, who has spewed forth views that are so racist that even fellow Republicans disavowed them until she won her election, will not stop tweeting, no matter how many 12-hour bans Twitter places on her account. She said so herself after her most recent suspension, which was for posting that COVID-19 is not dangerous for people unless they’re obese or over the age of 65, among other misinformation about the virus and vaccination.

“I will not stop tweeting. I will not stop speaking. I will not stop posting.” Sound familiar? To those in New York media, it should. Besides being an irresistible soundbite that thousands of people will quote-tweet with the caption “same,” the sentiment channels the energy of perhaps the greatest poster of all time, deplatformed former president Donald Trump. One really wonders just what he would have to say about vileness heir apparent MTG and her natural talent for “tweeting through it” and supporting the execution of her political enemies.

Too bad we’ll never find out, as Trump has more or less ceased to exist since a witch stole his voice and imprisoned it inside a shell. I suppose we’ll always have MTG, although I wish we didn’t.