Justin Trudeau Commits Fashion Don’t While Greeting Men Named Michael

Sleeves were rolled

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers his victory speech after general elections at the Fa...

Over the last few years, a story about two men named Michael (#TwoMichaels) has been hovering around my periphery, and the periphery of all Canadians. As of this past week, the story seems to be over — forcing us all to reckon with understanding why either #michaels or #TwoMichaels is trending. Did something happen with the craft store? No.

Briefly, the story is that two men named Michael were detained and imprisoned in China. They were imprisoned for over 1000 days (something that is mentioned in every news story for some reason) in a move widely seen as retaliation for Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou being detained in Canada on fraud charges at the request of the United States. Both of the Michaels and Wanzhou have returned to their countries as of this weekend.

But here’s the real scandal: on Saturday morning, Canadian Prime Minister and husband of Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, welcomed the #TwoMichaels home at an airport in Calgary — but his sleeves were rolled up.

The #TwoMichaels have been at the center of an international scandal Canadian media has been trying so hard to push as really important, and yet Trudeau is seen greeting these two men like he is addressing a small town on the campaign trail. While I don’t think this should be trending as #sleevegate because nobody really cares, politicians should only have their sleeves rolled up when addressing normal people — not a pair of Michaels. One Michael? Okay perhaps that calls for an air of casual familiarity. But this is #TwoMichaels. The Michaels Doublé (rhymes with Michael Bublé). Michael Squared. One of the Michaels has hung out with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un in North Korea, he deserves full sleeves. Have some respect.

This isn’t the first time Trudeau’s choice of dress has gripped the nation. There was a whole year that all anyone could talk about was his fun socks. Also, the many times he’s done blackface. Please, Trudeau, just dress normally!