Intelligence Community Summons Marxist Violet Affleck to White House "State Dinner"

Tread carefully, comrade

US actress Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck arrive at the White House to attend a sta...

Just days ago, CIA ally Ben Affleck carried on the fine Hollywood tradition of red-baiting, of naming names, of tattling on the Tinsel Town personalities wielding their public clout to advance Communist Party aims. In this case, the pinko commie sympathizer he outed was his first-born daughter, Violet Affleck, whom he described as a “Marxist,” disgraced by his recent pivot to capitalist enterprise.

This announcement clearly reverberated through the highest reaches of American governance, as last night Violet was summoned to the White House, alongside her mother/minder Jennifer Garner, by the State Department itself — on the night of her 17th birthday, no less. The drone-flying bureaucrats of the national intelligence community had devised a convenient ruse: a formal dinner where leaders from Kevin McCarthy to Chrissy Teigen dined on “butter-poached lobster with a side of hospitality.” The event’s ostensible purpose was the Biden administration’s first “State Dinner,” to celebrate the allyship between America and France. But only an idiot would buy that.

From the second the Macrons, the guests of honor, presented their peace offerings, it was obvious something larger was at play. A copy of Madame Bovary for Jill Biden? Emmanuel and his hot wife must still be smarting over the botched submarine deal last year, if they’re handing out Penguin Classics the First Lady already read in some Introduction to Modernism seminar. Remember the Statue of Liberty? Now that was a gift. As one insider told CNN: “These are intricate — and expensive — events. If the administration is willing to sink budget dollars into them, there’s probably a larger strategy at play.”

Affleck was clearly hip to their jive; she showed up in red stilettos. But tread carefully Comrade Violet. The Hollywood Ten walked so you could run.