Republican Votes Against Gay Marriage Days Before His Kid's Gay Marriage


UNITED STATES - JUNE 13:  Glenn Thompson, Republican candidate for Congress form Pennsylvania, speak...
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This week, in a bid to get ahead of the conservative supermajority Supreme Court’s rapid march toward theocracy, Congress reintroduced a modified version of the “Respect for Marriage Act” — a years-old bill that would repeal the 1996 “Defense of Marriage Act” and establish protections for both same-sex and interracial marriage at the federal level.

The bill was introduced with some bipartisan support, but was largely expected to fail without more Republican votes. On Wednesday, however, the bill passed the House with 47 Republicans on board. Sen. Chuck Schumer later committed to bringing it to the floor where it may very well pass. Four GOP senators have already come out in favor; even former gym teacher Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who deflected about the vote itself, recently said he has no qualms with gay marriage, sort of: “Yeah, if that's what you want to do, fine.”

Still, most Republicans do not support the measure; some 75 percent of the House GOP voted against the bill. Among them was Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, the House member from Pennsylvania’s 15th congressional district. As you can see here, Rep. Thompson voted “NAY:”

U.S. House of Representatives Clerk

This is curious in large part because one of Rep. Thompson’s three children is openly gay and is in fact planning to marry their longterm partner this very weekend (we are withholding their name, as they are not a public figure and did not return our request for comment).

It’s unclear whether Rep. Thompson plans to attend his own child’s wedding after voting against legislation that would protect their right to have one. The ceremony’s website claims the couple will be having a “private rehearsal dinner with [their] families,” but does not specify which members. A spokesperson for Rep. Thompson did not immediately get back to us about the apparent hypocrisy of Rep. Thompson’s vote. Either way, best of luck to the happy couple.

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