Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Raise Funds to Lose Money


The Riverside Press-Enterprise via Getty Images

Not to take the piss, but it looks like Matt “We Fought the Revolutionary War So Kids Wouldn’t Speak in British Accents” Gaetz and his CrossFit trainer business partner Marjorie Taylor Greene got so busy putting America First they forgot to make money on their joint fundraising committee and instead spent four times as much as they raised. Oy... these chavs really stepped in it innit.

Foilin’s from the Federal Election Commision show that in six and a half fortnights these two spent £208,617.90 on events for their joint committee, Put America First, but only took in £43,132.34. From The Daily Beast:

Since Gaetz and Greene kicked off their joint fundraising committee with a May 7 event at The Villages in central Florida, their campaigns and joint fundraising committee have posted a combined loss of $342,000. And according to recent filings with the Federal Election Commission, that joint fundraising effort, “Put America First,” reported only $59,345.54 in contributions.
That sort of meager haul would be fine for a dinner or one-time event, but Gaetz and Greene have repeatedly held high-profile events and spent a whopping $287,036.19 to hold them—meaning they’re in the hole by more than $225,000.

It’s all gone pear-shaped. They must be miffed.