Nation celebrates President Kamala Harris as Joe Biden gets ass probed

US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a Tribal Nations Summit in the South Court Auditorium ...

In the latest chapter of the woke left’s assault on masculinity, President Joe Biden is spending International Men’s Day with a camera up his ass while a woman is in charge of the nuclear codes. Biden will temporarily transfer power to Vice President Kamala Harris today as he undergoes anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center. Why not “Wanda Reed” at this point? I guess this is the future the kink-positive, post-gender, Impossible-burger-slurping, recycling-obsessed, critical-race-theory-loving sodomites at the Democratic National Committee want for our country.

This kind of transfer of power is pretty routine — here’s Bush doing the same thing in 2007 for two hours, during which I assume Dick Cheney bombed 15 countries, installed cameras in every American’s bathroom, and came up with the idea for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You know who didn’t cede power to his Vice President? Donald Trump, who refused to go under anesthesia during an emergency visit to Walter Reed in 2019 because he didn’t want Mike Pence to be in charge. Now there’s a real man. He hasn’t taken a shit in 17 years.