Eric Adams Will Bring the Bushwick Spirit to Gracie Mansion

"All I need is a mattress on the floor"

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2021/11/03: Mayor-elect Eric Adams stops for lunch to try vegan sandwich b...
Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images
Mattress Professional

Mayoral-elect Eric Adams, who takes office in 18 days, might not live in New York, but he knows how to pander to some of its most insufferable demographics. He is a vegan, for example, who loves crypto, may not subscribe to the concept of monogamy, and hires PornHub’s PR firm. He also used to be a Republican cop. This morning, he unloaded a new revelation about his personal life during an interview on PIX 11: He can sleep on just “a mattress on the floor.”

Asked whether he had hired a designer to help redecorate his new digs at Gracie Mansion, Adams replied: “I am so simple. All I need is a mattress on the floor and that’s a wrap. It doesn’t take much for me.” There you have it. Adams is just a simple guy. The kind of guy who weekends in the Hamptons; prefers his bodega sandwiches with a dairy-free egg; wants to collaborate with, as he told PIX 11, all the “talent…on the bench” among New York’s “corporation leaders;” and takes his decor tips from three-year-old memes. Just another guy in the greatest city on earth.