Cuomo’s in Hiding

In the Hamptons

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks at a press conference at the Theater at Jones Beach on May 24,...

Andrew Cuomo, who recently resigned over reports that he liked to sexually harass women and make them sing “Danny Boy,” has been crashing with a friend in the Hamptons after U-Hauling out of the governor’s Executive Mansion last week.

Much like 67.4 percent of New York City residents, Cuomo does not own a home. He used to stay with his ex-girlfriend Sandra Lee, but she’s happily engaged now. When New York Magazine asked about his housing plans, Cuomo said he wasn’t “disappearing.”

You know? I’m a New Yorker, I’ve lived here, I’ve lived in Queens, I’ve lived in the city, I’ve lived upstate, I’ve lived everywhere, I came to Washington, so that’s … I don’t really care about that. I’ll figure that out.

What he figured out was a familiar move in the Cuomo family handbook: finding a friend of his dad’s. According to the Post, Cuomo has been sleeping at the Hamptons home of Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, a healthcare consultant who used to advise the ex-Governor’s ex-governor father, Mario Cuomo. Andrew and Jeff are reportedly close — according to the New York Times, Sachs was an usher at Cuomo’s wedding and later became the godfather of his daughter Michaela. They are so close, in fact, that Cuomo made Sachs a central Medicaid advisor in 2011. Here’s that Times piece again:

Mr. Sachs, known to many in Albany as “Andrew’s best friend,” is working as a paid consultant to some of the biggest players in the New York health care industry, including Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYU Langone Medical Center and the state’s largest association of nursing homes, all of which have financial interests at stake in the coming Medicaid changes.

Moving along: A source told the Post that Cuomo has been keeping a “very low profile” in Southampton Village. “He knows better than to go for a stroll around town, everybody would be horrified,” the source said. “He hasn’t been out to his usual restaurants, he has been spending time with close friends in their private homes.”

But who’s to say how long his self-imposed exile lasts. As any New Yorker can tell you, there is nothing like rooming with a friend to make you immediately start resenting them. Let’s hope Cuomo and Sachs stick to their chore wheel and stay out of each other’s way. When all this blows over, we are still counting on them to fix healthcare from the safety of the private sector.