Zack Tahhan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

He’s our subway hero

zack facts

Earlier today, the NYPD arrested Frank James, the alleged gunman behind yesterday’s MTA shooting. However, New York’s finest would not have been able to catch James without the help of one man: Zack Tahhan. Tahhan spotted James in the East Village, called the police, and is now the hero of the city. It’s just like that time on 30 Rock where Dennis became the Subway Hero.

So who is Zack Tahhan? Well, here is what we know.

He’s Employed

According to Gothamist reporter Jake Offenhartz, Tahhan works as a security camera installer. Maybe the MTA can hire him to make the cameras in the subway stations work.

He’s a Polyglot

One tweet from Samantha Zirkin says that Tahhan speaks five languages. A man of the world!

He’s an Immigrant

Tahhan is from Syria, and has been in the states for five years. The NYPD has been in the city since 1845, waiting 177 years for someone like Zack.

He Sells Juul Pods?

Writer Casey Mink took Tahhan’s moment in the sun to note that he has sold her Juul pods before. I wonder what his favorite flavor was before they discontinued all the good ones.

Ladies, He’s Single

I actually do not know if this is true. He’s not wearing a wedding ring, which means he’s fair game if that’s your vibe. He is also very cute, and will have his pick of ladies after today if that’s what he’s looking for.