Dump Him Unless He Constructs a Rotating House From Scratch for You

Am I right, ladies?

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Wife Guy

Ladies, are you tired of your man not knowing what face wash is? Of the way he makes you carry your feminine detritus to the kitchen because he doesn’t own a bathroom trash can? Of how he would literally rather build a giant wooden horse in which to hide for the purpose of sneaking into and ransacking a great and ancient city than go to therapy?

Well, a new standard for you to compare all your boyfriends/husbands/Tinder matches to just dropped, and his name is Vojin Kusic. Kusic, a 72-year-old retiree in Bosnia-Herzegovina, built a house that rotates so his wife Ljubica can enjoy the surrounding view from all angles, the Associated Press reports.

Kusic built the house using electric motors and wheels from an old military transport vehicle. CNN reports that the speed of the spinning can be adjusted, with a full turn taking anywhere from a nausea-inducing 22 seconds to a more meandering 24 hours.

This rotating abode is not Kusic’s first house-sized labor of love; per the AP, Kusic built the couple’s first home years ago when they first married, and then proceeded to tear down a wall, move all the electrical installations, and remodel everything after his wife lamented not being able to see visitors approaching their front yard.

“I got tired of her complaints,” he said in the CNN video. King shit.

So there you go, heterosexual couples of the world. Men, get your ol’ ball-and-chain to quit her bitching every once in a while by breaking out some power tools and mechanical engineering prowess. And women, remember to never, EVER, settle. You deserve the world, by which I mean a physical entity that slowly rotates 360° over a set period of time.