You Probably Had a Better Weekend Than This Lady

“Oh non!” — her, probably, after derailing the Tour de France

Tour de France cyclists on the road, with a spectator on the side holding a sign into the road.
Image: Tour de France

A display of filial piety has now turned into a manhunt for an unidentified fugitive after a woman holding a sign caused a race-stalling horror show of a bicycle pile-up at the Tour de France this weekend.

The suspect, who was beaming and hamming it up for the TV cameras at the opening stage of the race, bore a cardboard sign with the words “ALLEZ OPI-OMI!” (this means “GO GRANDPA-GRANDMA!” according to Sporting News, who clearly obtained this information via Google Translate). Unfortunately, she did not appear to account for the cyclists coming up from behind, one of whom smacked straight into the sign, toppled over, and sent so many other competitors careening in a domino effect that the race was held up for several minutes, per CNN.

One has to watch the full video to really appreciate the chaos of the accident (or SABOTAGE?):

The woman fled the scene and, as of Monday morning, has still not been found. Authorities have called for any information about the sign sinner who is responsible for “unintentional injuries … by manifestly deliberate violation of an obligation of safety or prudence.”

When they find her, the Tour de France plans to sue her ass.