The Family That Storms the Capitol Together Stays Together

“Now do a funny one!”

WASHINGTON,DC-JAN6: Supporters of President Trump storm the United States Capitol building.  (Photo ...
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Road Trip

The past year and a half have shown just how important it is to take a beat and fully cherish your remaining moments with loved ones. You never know when it’s going to be your last time together; your final family vacation; one ultimate hurrah for the ages.

That’s probably what one Texas family had in mind when they decided to embark on a little road trip to D.C. earlier this year. The Munns (no known relation to Olivia), including parents Thomas and Dawn, adult kids Kristi, Joshua, and Kayli, and a minor child, were even privy to an unprecedented level of access to the Capitol during an impromptu tour on January 6, according to a criminal complaint unsealed by the Justice Department this week.

After allegedly entering the Capitol through a broken window — an unorthodox but probably memorable ingress, allegedly described as “super cool” by Joshua in a private Facebook message — the Munns enjoyed a brief stroll through the building alongside like-minded passionate travelers. They snapped a group photo and documented their wholesome fun on Snapchat and Facebook for friends and family to like, screenshot, and send anonymously to the FBI, as a relative of Kristi’s fiance did, per court records. Even three of the Munn kids’ old teachers got involved in the bonding experience, reviewing photos to help identify their former students.

But while some in the Munns’ circles turned out to be snitching killjoys, others were inspired by their unique family vacation. “The biggest and best female empowerment I have ever seen before in my life!!!” Kelsi Munn, a family member who appears to have been left out of the trip, allegedly posted on Facebook on January 6, along with photos of the Munns on the road and later decked out in camo in D.C. “These women stormed OUR capital and demanded OUR House and Country back!!!! … This is exactly what women back in 1848 started marching for!!!!”

The Munns were arrested on Tuesday — kind of a bummer end to the best trip ever. At least the experience will lead to a nice souvenir; after all, a moment lasts for seconds, but criminal records, like memories, can last forever.