It’s Not Pi Day

Here’s why day

International PI day March 14. Math and science concept, Pi Greek alphabet letter, mathematical symb...
Lie Day

Every year on March 14, people (nerds) freak the eff out because it’s so-called “Pi Day” (for the creative writing majors, March 14 (3/14) is the same as the beginning of pi (3.14) (π)).

But I’m sorry, I have some bad news. First of all, my dad is a high school calculus teacher. Second of all, it is not Pi Day.

So maybe, to please the math people, March 14 can be Pi=C/D Day. For everyone else who got above a 21 on the math section of the ACT (not me) it can be Almost Pi Day. And for those who don’t care about math at all, it can be Corey Stoll Day, who was born on March 14, 1976. Whatever. But don’t you dare say it’s Pi Day.