It’s Hot Guy Summer (Because Men are Committing Arson)

We hope they get the help they need

light a fire with the lighter in darkness
Blaze It

Due to a variety of reasons but most primarily — somehow — still — COVID-19, this summer is not hot girl summer or hot vax summer or even Chet Hanks’s white boy summer. But one summer it is proving to be: hot guy summer, by which I mean men setting large objects and/or swathes of land ablaze, as if we needed any help on that front.

For instance, a college lecturer ironically specializing in criminal justice studies was recently arrested and charged after allegedly going on a wildland arson spree along the edges of the Dixie Fire in California. Before that, there was the reportedly “hot” Navy SEAL dropout who started a Navy assault ship fire that lasted for several days. And remember in July when a well-regarded Manhattan sommelier was caught setting outdoor dining sheds on fire?

Depending on who you ask, summer’s not over yet, so we still have time to turn this around. How about we channel some of that firebug energy into positive pyro, such as culturally respectful fire dancing? Hot poi summer, here we go!