Footage: Meat Mogul Flaunts Sausage While Firing Gun

The beef king's luxury car collection has been targeted by thieves 18 times

Smoked sausage stick, dry salami sausage, doctor sausage, plastic tray of fresh raw sausages isolate...
Daily Tail

Here’s a headline from the Daily Mail:

This is not about the secret beef room at allegedly plant-based restaurant Eleven Madison Park. It is about 56-year-old meat millionaire Evan Wexler, whose beef credentials include serving as CEO of Meat Innovations Inc. and COO of Steakhouse Elite. Fox News described him as a “second-generation butcher-turned-high-end hamburger and steak supermarket wholesaler.” On Instagram, he describes himself as “the sophisticated gentleman.”

Wexler also owns a collection of luxury cars, which have been targeted by car-nappers no fewer than 18 times. Now, surveillance footage has surfaced of Wexler leaving his Fort Lee home while in the buff, displaying his own beef, firing a semi-automatic from his porch at suspected thieves during an incident in July of 2020. The would-be burglars fled, and Wexler was arrested for firing an AR-15, naked, in a New Jersey suburb. He spent 48 hours in jail, then pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

There are pictures of his butt online. We don’t typically share photos of other people’s meat these days, but Wexler has made peace with the situation. He told the Daily Mail: “I got a butt, you got a butt, people mostly just see my bald head and tattoos.” Right on, brother.