Climate Change on Track to Ruin Our Ability to Enjoy Tiny Animals

Wildlife is shrinking, but like not in a cute way

Carolina Chickadee Perched on a Tree in Spring
Save the Birds

It is universally known that animals of unusually small stature are precious cuties, just like animals of unusually large stature are whopping big boys (a gender-inclusive term). The good news is that some birds and other creatures have been steadily growing smaller over the past half century and thus, according to the natural order as described above, becoming more adorable. The bad news is that this shrinkage is probably due to rising temperatures and other climate change-related effects, Vox reports.

The worse news is that these morphological changes could, per Vox, “push some species even closer to extinction” and “throw a wrench into ecosystems that humans rely on.” Miniaturized species may mean fewer babies, more susceptibility to extreme weather conditions like drought, or predators having to eat more, smaller-sized prey to become full. All of these possibilities could then trigger additional consequences that may screw over us, the planet, and our fauna brethren in any number of ways.

But just think of how much happier we will feel from being surrounded by diminutive wildlife whom we can more easily anthropomorphize and call names like “Mr. Peanut” and “Sir Chippendale” as sea waters rise and the land burns around us thanks to the hubris of mankind. The destruction of all we know and hold dear sounds like a small price to pay for a darling little bear who can fit into my pocket.