Obama Disinvites Non-Family and Friends From His Sweet 60th

He is still accepting gifts for his presidential center, however

President Obama turned to address a man yelling about his family in the crowd. President Obama spoke...
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Party Report

With just a few days to go before his sweet 60th birthday bash, Barack Obama has caved to COVID-19 or PR pressures and canceled the glamorous 675-person fête that was sure to be the talk of Martha’s Vineyard and potentially a superspreader event. Instead, the former president and current podcaster will be scaling back his guest list and viral transmission risk by hosting “only family and close friends,” a spokesperson told the New York Times on Wednesday morning.

The birthday party that was originally planned has been criticized in the wake of new CDC acknowledgement that the Delta variant of COVID is as contagious as chickenpox and can be easily spread even by vaccinated people. But before the sudden cancellation — which the spokesperson attributed to concern over Delta — the celebration had seemingly still been on track to continue, with many guests reportedly having already arrived on Martha’s Vineyard and scheduled the COVID tests they were supposed to submit for entry.

No word yet on what those early guests will do now that they’ve been disinvited from the festivities. Perhaps they can host a rival rager of their own down the street, one that will be even cooler than the Obama function that probably won’t even have kegs or little party favors provided by the local high school dropout who’s legendary around these parts. Or, if they’re still feeling generous to the president-turned-documentary filmmaker in spite of his party etiquette breach, they can always donate to his campaign to crowdfund his Presidential Center, which is still up and accepting monetary gifts, as former advisor Valerie Jarrett reminded everyone on Twitter.

Happy birthday, Obama!