Old-Ass Nazi Apprehended


Two lawmakers stand next to an empty seat of the defendant at the courtroom, prior to a trial agains...
She Tried

This morning, 96-year-old former Nazi secretary Irmgard Furchner was on the lam. Facing charges for working at the Stutthof concetration camp, she absconded from her assisted living home instead of showing up to court for her scheduled trial on “more than 11,000 counts of murder.” Unfortunately, Furchner cannot move very fast; she was born in 1925. The nonagenarian hailed a taxi train station, but German police caught up with her a couple hours later walking on the street.

Furchner had apparently announced that she simply “didn’t want to come” to the reading of her indictment. Fair enough. Her trial was continued until October. According to the Wall Street Journal, she will be tried in juvenile court because she was 18 or 19 when she worked at the camp. In any case, a pretty good attempt at fleeing for someone who can remember the Hindenberg.