Dogs Are Incredible: Hiker-Saving Alaskan Malamute Edition

Dogs save lives… and hearts

Running Malamute dog on sled dog racing. Winter dog sport sled team competition. Alaskan Malamute do...
This Alaskan Malamute is not North but it is cute. (Photo: Shutterstock)

In the latest dispatch from Gawker’s pro-dog propaganda (dogaganda) front, I am pleased to relay to you that an 8-month-old doggy reportedly saved a stranded hiker in the Croatian mountains by cuddling with him for warmth over the course of 13 hours, according to the AFP. 😭

The puppy, a very good Alaskan Malamute named North, purportedly “curled around … and warmed” mountaineer Grga Brkic after he fell while ascending in the Velebit mountain range over the weekend, Croatia’s mountain rescue service posted on Facebook. “Friendship and love between man and dog know no boundaries,” the rescue service wrote, including a photo of the dog lying atop the injured hiker when rescuers finally arrived. 😭😭😭

“This little dog is a real miracle,” the owner of the amazing beautiful adorable brave wonderful dog told the Croatian publication the Jutarnji List. According to a comment that owner Antonija Sjauš Brkić left on Facebook, North apparently remains uninjured and well, thank fucking GOD. 😭😭😭😭😭

End dispatch.