Who Does SE Cupp Look Like in This Video?

It's giving... Bond villain

Guess Who

CNN commentator and intellectual bohemian SE Cupp released the latest episode of her DIY webseries “Unfiltered” today. The series serves as a space for Cupp to explore the “white-hot intersection of politics and media,” and speak her mind on whatever is going on in the news. This week, sitting at her desk in front of a poster of herself and another poster of Al Gore, she talked about President Biden’s inability to get anything through the Senate and the threat of former President Trump’s reentry into political society. At least, I think that’s what she was talking about. I actually couldn’t tell you the specifics because I was too busy staring at Cupp herself.


Donning a baggy white turtleneck and a pair of Terry Richardson-esque aviator glasses that have recently come back in vogue, Cupp — who normally looks like Katy Perry — looks like… someone else. I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet, but here is what has come to mind thus far.

  • A Bond villain in an SNL sketch
  • Melissa McCarthy, specifically in the movie Spy
  • An HR manager who is about to lay you off and is so sorry about it
  • A picture of your mom from the '90s
  • The member of a Lutheran church choir who is not the best singer but really tries her best
  • A person who just got their hair cut and hasn’t taken the cape off yet
  • Liz Lemon in the episode of 30 Rock where she puts on a Princess Leia costume to get out of jury duty
  • A high school drama teacher explaining that if you can see the audience from the wings they can see you
  • Meredith Vieira wearing glasses
  • A therapist whose laughter you miscategorize as maternal affection
  • A drag queen who chose beauty over accuracy for her Mrs. Doubtfire lip sync

Are any of those it? Not quite, but we’re getting closer.