Vox's End-of-Year Bonus Is.. a $75 Voucher for Vox Merch 😞

Scrooge: Explained

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Bah, Humbug

It’s a bleak Christmas at Vox Media, the content juggernaut that is expected to rake in $100 million in profit next year. In a company-wide Zoom meeting on Tuesday, CEO Jim Bankoff addressed his employees while dressed in a Vox-branded hoodie (according to our sources, employees noted amongst themselves that it was not an attractive garment).

Employees anticipated the announcement of Christmas bonuses; last year they each got $1,000. But Bankoff did not speak of such things. And then, at 5 p.m., all Vox staffers received an email that in honor of their work in 2021 they will receive $75 vouchers to buy Vox swag.

The vouchers are only usable between December 21 and January 5. Items in the company store include goods like this $60 vest, which is allegedly “as technical as it is stylish;” a $17 black baseball cap that “your group will love;” and this $22 umbrella, which one can use to “watch the raindrops trickle off while you stay nice and dry.”

Just last week, Vox announced its acquisition of Group Nine Media Inc., a lifestyle-focused media company which includes sites like Thrillist and the Dodo. Vox is retaining a 75 percent ownership stake of the now-joined company. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is expected to amass $700 million in revenue in 2022. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great Vox-branded technical vest.